10 November 2022

The Importance of Netiquette as a Guide to Interaction in the Digital Space

The Head of the Digital Literacy Team for the Education Sector of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Bambang Tri Santoso (second from right) during the Digital Literacy Seminar for the Vocational Education Sector in Bengkulu Province (5/10/2022), quoted from aptika.kominfo.go.id. Netiquette or internet etiquette is an important guide in interacting in the digital space. This is in line with one of the pillars of digital literacy, namely digital ethics or digital ethics.

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Ini Jurnal pengabdian masyarakat yang terindeks di SINTA

Berikut adalah daftar beberapa jurnal pengabdian masyarakat yang terindeks di SINTA, beserta informasi lebih lanjut: 1. Wikrama Parahita : ...